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The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Memorial Association was founded on November 24, 1986 to preserve the memory and foster the values of the great labor leader and humanitarian, Harry Van Arsdale Jr.   Over the years, the Association has accomplished this in different ways - through scholarship programs, community involvement, and labor education.

Your $35.00 tax-deductible contribution (IRS Identification No. 11-2803482) to the Association will enable you to join with other Local Union No. 3,  IBEW members and retirees in honoring Harry's memory.   It will assist in the Association's work of fostering the values of this great labor leader and humanitarian, and fund costs associated with the publication of Harry's biography.   In acknowledgment of your contribution, you will receive an attractive membership card in the Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Memorial Association which you can proudly carry.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your support of this exciting project.

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