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10,000 trees planted in Israel honoring the Memory of Harry Van Arsdale Jr.

Renaming of Empire State College’s Center for Labor Studies, State University of New York, the Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies.

Establishment of a college scholarship through the Educational and Cultural Fund of the Electrical Industry in the name of Harry Van Arsdale Jr.

Renaming of Eli Whitney High School in Brooklyn, N.Y. to Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Vocational High School.

Naming the junction of 160th, 161st, and 162nd Streets in Electchester, Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Plaza.

The establishment of an annual seminar by Cornell University to study labor and management relations.

The renaming of Jewel Avenue in Flushing, New York, Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Avenue.

December 05, 2001 - Harry Van Arsdale Jr. was inducted into the AFL-CIO Labor's International Hall of Fame at the George Meany Center, Silver Springs, Maryland.